Tolling Manufacturing

For both our suppliers and our clients FSB offers toll manufacturing and blending capabilities at our factory in Switzerland. Together we develop solutions tailored to diverse challenges that require a high level of technical expertise. Further, our facility makes it possible to deliver comprehensive solutions that drive innovative product development across a range of markets.

Feel free to contact us and see what the possibilities are.

Formulation guidance

We like to find solutions for your chemical challenge. Our chemist are highly skilled and are happy to bring your products to life by offering tailor-made samples for the trial and approval process.

Filling Capabilities

In addition to our blending facilities we can offer many more services. An example is the warehousing capacity to store the customers raw materials and finished products.

Quality suppliers

We are proud of our steady stream of raw materials, even in challenging times. You can either supply your own raw materials or see what we can offer you from our own portfolio.