About us

FSB Specialty Chemicals (FSB SC) is a family owned company specialized in the field of silicones, adhesives and chemicals for the building and construction (B&C) industry. Dating back to 1999, FSB Specialty Chemicals has proven to be progressive player in the market with its innovative and ground breaking technology. Having its headquarters in the Netherlands, FSB SC has its laboratory and production in Swiss to ensure the very best quality. Thanks to forward-looking investment in state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced technologies, FSB SC has emerged today as an international leader in its field. On a daily basis products are developed, tested and researched in the fully equipped research and development lab. FSB SC offers a full range of silicones, MS polymers and hybrid sealants among many others. However, FSB SC is also the ideal partner for customers wanting to develop a house brand and is able to fulfill even the most complicated needs of its customers.